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Rural Tech has started a large survey assignment of the Chavantes reservoir


The image below represents a survey (not ended yet) of a reservoir named Chavantes, located on the border of two Brazilian States: São Paulo and Paraná, in the southern Brazil. The main objective of the survey is the reservoir volume computation, and Rural Tech was hired to survey 100 % of it. The area of the image sent is around 34.5 Km², with approximately 10 km length and 4 km width, and it just represents around 9% of the entire reservoir (365 Km²). The main challenges Rural Tech has met were the presence of aquatic vegetation, submersed trees that pre-exist on the region before the filling of the reservoir and the wind, which causes waves up to 1 meter easily. However, practically all of the challenges were overcome, and the proof is the high quality data.


The MB2 Multibeam Echosounder is a great evolution of its predecessor, the MB1. The consistency and the cleaning of the data becomes evident when Rural Tech zooms in the grid during the acquisition. Associated to this, the compact apparatus of the system makes it extremely versatile and portable, which is very important, mainly for companies like Rural Tech, because the company makes surveys throughout Brazil.