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Stema Survey Services



SILAS acoustic data acquisition and processing software has been developed for the mapping of sediment and silt layer characteristics and subsea structures.  Silas can determine nautical depth, detect polluted silt layers, and provide data for environmental surveys, sand search projects, cable route surveys, and wreck detection.

The DensiTune silt density probe is an accurate, easy to operate system to determine the internal density of liquid silt layers.  The measurement system is based on “tuning fork” principles.  One of the tines of the fork vibrates with specific frequency while the other responds with a frequency dependent on the density of the medium in which the probe is immersed.  The system measures vertical density profiles in liquid silt layers while lowered.

The RheoTune fluid mud probe provides fast and accurate vertical rheometric profiles including yield strength and viscosity while possessing all the functionality of the Densitune.

  • SILAS software
  • DensiTune silt density probe
  • RheoTune mud rheometry probe

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