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Tag Archives: MB1_multibeam_system

Mapping and measuring eelgrass beds with an MB1 sonar


Eelgrass plays many important roles in temperate coastal ecosystems, including as habitat for many species, and as a bio-indicator for water quality in many... read more

Case story: Mapping and measuring eelgrass with a multi-beam sonar


Mapping and measuring eelgrass with a multi-beam sonar in the Great Bay Estuary,New Hampshire By: Ashley Norton and Semme Dijkstra Center for Coastal and... read more

Video: How to setup Teledyne PDS for a MB1 Multibeam Echosounder


This video gives you an introduction on how to setup a MB1 Multibeam Echosounder with the Teledyne PDS interface. read more

MB1 Demonstration with C & C Technologies, South Africa


In cooperation with their exclusive representative for South Africa, C & C Technologies SA, Teledyne Odom recently conducted a demonstration of the MB1 multibeam... read more